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I'm looking for 25 under 25 young Zimbabweans based in the UK to join my mentorship program. I have a lot to share.

My journey in business began in earnest over 14 years ago and today I reflect back on a story that is filled with both, incredible highs and humbling lows. In my early days in business I found resilience to be a very necessary trait to have as some days provided painful teachable moments before I hit on a winning formula.

In the midst of all that I found myself in deep need of a business mentor. An experienced and older businessman or woman who has walked the road and overcome the same pitfalls that lay in my own path. Those early days taught me that besides the passion to succeed, I also needed guidance to master my trade and make informed decisions in growing my brand.

As a business and lifestyle coach, I have always felt compelled to offer support and help upcoming businesspeople to unlock their full potential. So I am really excited to present the Club25 Mentorship Program for aspiring business leaders under the age of 25 who are committed to their craft. I will be using this platform to carry out the mentorship plan and share some exclusive tips and opportunities as we build the next generation. The Club25 Mentorship has a vision to mould serious go-getters in the next five years who will write their own chapters of success and greatness by the time they turn 30 years old.

If you are an aspiring businessperson under 25 in the UK and interested to be part of the Club25. If interested please inbox me on my social media platforms. Serious people only

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